3D Replays And Killcams Are Coming To PUBG

3D Replays And Killcams Are Coming To PUBG

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3D Replays And Killcams Are Coming To PUBG

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG have entered a partnership with Korea’s Minkonet. The result of the partnership? A new 3D replay functionality for PUBG.

The robust 360-degree data capture technology powers the 3D Replay and Killcam features that will debut in PUBG’s upcoming PC 1.0 release.

The new 3D Replay feature provides seamless playback video of the primary player’s gameplay as well as the innovative ability to closely follow another user’s gaming feats and arena roaming as an in-game observer, providing gameplay viewers, including esports audiences, a superior viewing experience.

Minkonet’s 3D replay solution encompasses robust 360-degree high-definition data capture technology that smartly parses large amounts of data from complex and dynamic gaming environments free of playback slowdown or gamer lag.

Killcam functionality provides advanced insight and learning opportunities for players interested in closely re-examining gameplay missteps as well as helping to detect and gather evidence of in-game cheating.

Minkonet’s 3D data technology provides an interactive all-around viewpoint that hasn’t been possible with the textual event logs and the video capture of the deceased player in other Killcams. The company’s technology can be leveraged by game developers across all platforms to help curb the increasing amount of cheating and hacking issues afflicting the gaming community worldwide.





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