4v4 Team Deathmatch Mode Drops Into PUBG MOBILE LITE

4v4 Team Deathmatch Mode Drops Into PUBG MOBILE LITE

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Smash-hit Team Deathmatch mode arrives today in PUBG MOBILE LITE, the lighter and faster variant of the mobile tactical tournament phenomenon PUBG MOBILE. Players on a wide range of devices can now experience PUBG MOBILE LITE’s exhilarating gameplay at an even quicker pace. The version 0.15.0 content update is now available free on Google Play for mobile players in select regions around the globe.

Today’s content update delivers an all-new game mode for PUBG MOBILE LITE, the 4v4 Deathmatch. Players are divided into two teams and dropped into the compact Warehouse map for close-quarters combat with various firearms including the M416, SCAR-L and Kar98 available at the spawn point. Players have unlimited respawns and must eliminate enemies to earn the most points in a certain amount of time. For added PUBG MOBILE LITE mayhem, high-level equipment such as Level Three armor and helmets, M249 light machine guns and RPG-7 rocket launchers are sprinkled throughout the Warehouse map.

In addition to the new 4v4 Deathmatch mode, several features have been added to improve upon PUBG MOBILE LITE’s gameplay experience. New features include:

  • Social Features – Teammate’s real-time status is now displayed during gameplay to provide additional intel during combat. Enemy locations are also now displayed when players or teammates hit them
  • New Equipment – Three powerful new weapons and attachments are now available for players to deal additional damage, including:
    • MK47 Rifle: This 7.62mm 20-round marksman rifle is now available on all maps, offers single-fire or burst modes and can be equipped with numerous attachments
    • Skorpion: Also available on all maps, this powerful fully-automatic 9mm 20-round pistol can be equipped with a red dot sight, supressor, foregrip and stock
    • 3x and 6x Scopes: These two new scopes can be equipped to most assault rifles, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns on all maps
  • System Updates – Players can now team up and communicate with the new Clan feature and in-game chat channel. Players can also showcase their characters with ranking display appearances and MVP victory poses
  • Festive Customization – New winter-themed in-game skins and Lucky Air Drops are now available as part of the Winner Pass, along with an Arcade Spin event and advertisement rewards
  • Winter Festival Background – The in-game main menu has been decorated with a festive holiday theme
  • Miscellaneous Balances – Additional features adjustments and bug fixes have been added, including a report feature for the Friend page

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