5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Quake Champions On Steam

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Quake Champions On Steam

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If you need a new FPS game to play solo or with friends, look no further than Quake Champions. Here’s some reasons to get your foot in the door.

5. Play For Free Now, Keep It Forever

Quake is a Bethesda and Zenimax household name when it comes to the FPS genre. It’s been around forever, and 2017’s Quake Champions is the modern day iteration of the franchise. The thing is, it’s in Early Access on Steam, but thanks to Bethesda’s E3 promo, all players can play the game for free until June 25th. But it gets better, if you play a match, you get to keep the game forever, with a couple of starting Champions to boot.

4. Modern Day Fast Paced Shooter

Announced last summer, Quake Champions is a class-based first-person shooter. And if you’ve played Quake or Quake 3 in the past, you know what to expect. This is a brand of FPS that’s iconic thanks to its blend of insane speedy action and fun with the class archetypes, aka Champions. Each Champion uses different weapons and skills that are unique to each, and it makes for some fun gaming sessions. If you need a break from Overwatch, the Battle Royale scene or the highly tactical Rainbow Six Siege, make Quake Champions your in-between game.

3. More Content Yet To Come

The game features few modes, and it’s the competitive matches that are really fun. You can either queue in matchmaking solo or with your Steam friends to tackle some fun 5v5s in arenas where it’s all about Champion skills, making use of power ups and of course, having fun. There’s also smaller duo and team-based modes that edges toward the more competitive few. Deverlopers ID have stated that more maps and modes are in the works, and of course more Champions. So now that you own the game for free, just hang tight!

2. Cross Platform Play May Come

While QC is only on Steam at the moment, iD Software have stated that a console release is not ruled out whatsoever. And considering the other Bethesda games that have been ported over to consoles, you may just see Quake Champions hit Xbox, PS4 and maybe even the Nintendo Switch.

1. Active Playerbase

Most importantly though, is the player base. What good is it to have a fun modern day shooter if there isn’t anyone on to play with? Since the E3 promo, matches and matchmaking queues have been popping almost any time of the day, so that means jumping in now, players will get to experience as much of Quake Champions as possible. Will it remain this active months from now? It will depend on how much content comes out, but for the time being, this is one free game you don’t want to miss out on.


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