Age Of Wushu 2 Day & Night Cycle Will Influence Gameplay

Age Of Wushu 2 Day & Night Cycle Will Influence Gameplay

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Age Of Wushu 2 Day & Night Cycle Will Influence Gameplay

Age of Wushu 2 continues to keep us excited for release. New details about the upcoming MMORPG are saying that the game will have day and night cycles.

While that may sound ordinary, there’s more to it. The day and night cycles will directly impact the gameplay. In-game temperatures will alter gameplay. For example, during the day, high temperatures will increase your character’s thirst level, which means you need to balance how you play. Low temperatures at night will lower your health, so player must find shelter.

This significantly adds more depth in Age of Wushu 2 and that’s always a good thing for an MMORPG. I can’t recall other games that will make you care about in-game weather effects as much. But there’s more too. Wearing cloth-based armor at night will increase stealth levels too, making it harder to spot you in the dark.

How effective these systems will be at launch is anyone’s guess at the moment. The beta testing scheduled for this year will reveal a lot more about the game’s mechanics but this is still awesome news.

Already, it sounds like a lot more is going on in the world compared to the first Age of Wushu. The prequel was great for many reasons, but in my opinion failed to deliver when it came to end-game content. The grind was also unbearable but it is after all, an Asian MMORPG.

Hopefully, Age of Wushu 2 will iron out some old concerns. This has the potential to be one of the best open world sandbox and survival MMORPGs out in the market today. When paired with the Unreal Engine 4, I think it’s a recipe for an awesome game.

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more news about Age of Wushu 2. So stay tuned to MMOSWorld for more!








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