AION Classic How To Make Use Of The Daeva Pass

AION Classic How To Make Use Of The Daeva Pass

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AION Classic is now a few months old, and new players are arriving every day. If you’re confused about the Daeva Pass, we got you covered. Firstly, what is it? It’s a progression system that everyone has access to, and leveling up through the various tiers by completing various missions will unlock all manner of rewards from boosts to other items. Here’s a quick guide to what new players can expect with the Daeva Pass.

Daeva Pass Overview

Think of it as a battle-pass or season pass reward track that you see in other games and MMOs, like Destiny 2, Magic: Legends and more. Whether you’re a new player or experienced with AION, players of all experience and engagement levels can reap the benefits of the Daeva Pass, since it has no level restriction. The feature’s dynamic seasonal rotation system also ensures that your activities and rewards are always relevant. And for players who are looking for more, we offer premium rewards from the Daeva Passin exchange for Quna.

How To Access the Daeva Pass

To access the Daeva Pass, look no further than the Start Menu and by hitting the shortcut Shift+P. Alternatively, you can quickly access it from the Daeva Pass Icon.

How To Progress the Daeva Pass

Progressing through the Daeva Pass will prove to be a very dynamic experience. Each day, you will gain access to unique missions to progress your Daeva Pass level once completed. There will also be weekly and seasonal missions you can complete to progress your Daeva Pass level all the way up to level 45.

However, just like in other games, you can pay to buy levels in the pass, and in AION Classic you’ll pay with Quna. It is important to note however, that Daeva Pass missions reset according to a determined schedule. Whether or not you complete them, a new set of missions will eventually take their place. Finally, players who unlock the premium rewards for Daeva Pass will be happy to know that they will begin the following season’s Daeva Pass at Level 8.

All About Daeva Pass Rewards

Rewards can be received immediately after reaching each level of the pass and are divided into regular rewards and premium rewards. Most rewards are not tradeable and cannot be stored in the Account or Legion warehouse. If you fail to claim any rewards prior to the season’s conclusion, they will be sent to your mailbox. Each season will boast a cornucopia of different rewards – so keep an eye on your Daeva Pass each season and see what’s new.

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