Albion Online Introducing New Resource World Bosses At Launch

Albion Online Introducing New Resource World Bosses At Launch

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Albion Online Introducing New Resource World Bosses At Launch

When Albion Online launches in July, players are going to get more open-world content variety. The game is introducing five new bosses in the world called Guardians. These Guardians are massive entities that cannot be killed solo. Players will required a raid in order to take it down and reap the rewards.

The benefits of hunting down and taking out a Guardian will be bountiful. Depending on which one you kill, the corpse will turn into a resource node. Players will be able to harvest 2,560 Tier 6 crafting resources.

This is a really welcome addition to the open world sandbox game. Resources can generally be harvested natural from the ground, or via smaller creatures. Rock golems for example, drop stone, while ore golems drop iron. Therefore, to now have a bigger version of these creatures just adds more to do for groups and guilds.

These big world bosses can only be found in Tier 6 hot spots. They will also randomly respawn between 12 to 48 hours after the last one is killed. There is no way to know when a Guardian arrives, so scouting will be necessary.

Overall, Guardians are a great new addition to Albion Online which continues to add content leading up to launch.

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