Albion Online's Outland Expansion Will Launch In May

Albion Online’s Outland Expansion Will Launch In May

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Sandbox Interactive, developers of Albion Online has revealed that the game will be getting new lands to adventure to. Due to the success of the free to play launch recently, the Outlands revamp is coming much sooner than expected. It’s also being branded as an expansion which makes sense considering there’s new territories. Anyway, the expansion will launch of the world based on the current map layout.

Three new regions are being added to the Outland map. These Siluria (equivalent in size and value to Cumbria), and West and East Glouvia (equivalent in size and value to West and East Anglia, respectively). These new regions will launch during GvG Season 6 (we’re currently aiming for early May), and the territories within them will become claimable in two waves on the second Invasion Day of Season 6 (May 18th).

To ensure this land expansion has a minimal effect on Season 6, all territories, mages and castles within it will not contribute season points to the current season and will only start doing so for Season 7. They will, however, generate siphoned energy and spawn loot chests, so they are a perfect place for new guilds to establish themselves and try their hand at territory conquest in preparation for Season 7.

Access to these zones will happen via the city portal system. Each city’s portal network will be extended to gain additional access points in the corresponding zones.

  • Martlock: 3 portal exits in West Glouvia, bordering West Anglia to the north
  • Bridgewatch: 2 portal exits, 1 each in West and East Glouvia
  • Thetford: 2 portal exits in East Glouvia, bordering East Anglia to the north
  • Lymhurst: 2 portal exits, 1 each in East Glouvia and Siluria
  • Fort Sterling: 2 portal exits in Siluria, bordering Cumbria to the north via a bridge
  • Caerleon: 1 portal exit in East Siluria, bordering Mercia to the north via a bridge

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