An MMORPG Called Sword Cat Online Is Now Available On Android

An MMORPG Called Sword Cat Online Is Now Available On Android

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For any potential cat lovers who are also MMORPG fans, Sword Cat Online is a real thing. It’s also now available on Android devices via the Google Play Store. But what exactly is Sword Cat Online? Will you play a cat in a fantasy setting? Are there cat raids or dungeon bosses?

According to the official press description, Sword Cat Online won’t be all the furry things you’re imagining. However, you will encounter cats most definitely.

Sword Cat Online is a very rare full MMORPG features solely cat heroes made for cat lovers. It adopts a cute cartoonish graphics style and has a unique control system where players can enjoy the game with just the thumb while holding the phone in a natural position. It features full social gameplay such as clans, chat, PvP Arena, World Boss Co-Op, as well as a full single-player campaign containing hundreds of stages.

The MMORPG has been in beta for the last couple of weeks. It’s also suitable for both casuals and hardcores, and does have microtransaction with optional purchases of Gems, a premium currency.

While Sword Cat Online is definitely not a conventional MMORPG that most would expect, it’s another one hitting the mobile market. Players who want to jump in now can use the code “scofun19” to redeem a free cat hero and gems.

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