Anthem VIP Demo Begins This Weekend And You Can Preload The Game Now

Anthem VIP Demo Begins This Weekend And You Can Preload The Game Now

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EA and BioWare announced this week that players can already pre-load Anthem to prepare for the upcoming VIP demo weekend. Fans who pre-order Anthem, as well as EA Access and Origin Access subscribers, will get access to the VIP Demo on 25th January, 2019, and all players will have a chance to step into their Javelins and experience Anthem for themselves on 1st February 2019. Both Demos will be available on Origin for PC, Xbox One and PS4. VIP Demo players will be the first Freelancers to face the dangers of the world of Anthem, and will receive an in-game item celebrating their trailblazing spirit.

“It’s time for the fans to get their hands on Anthem and experience it for themselves,” said Mike Gamble, Lead Producer for Anthem. “We truly hope they enjoy this taste of flying and fighting in this brand-new world our team has been crafting for many years.”

The game features BioWare’s epic story-telling in a whole new world and setting, where players known as Freelancers, explore and fend off new threats in their Javellins – mech suits of immense power, each having strengths and uniqueness to offer players diverse ways to play. The open world setting has in-game events that can be done solo or in groups.

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