ArcheAge Announces Server Evolution To Consolidate Game Servers

ArcheAge Announces Server Evolution To Consolidate Game Servers

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ArcheAge Announces Server Evolution To Consolidate Game Servers

ArcheAge players take note: the game will be consolidating several servers in the near future. According to an in-depth Q&A post on the official website, the merges intends to ensure the best play experience for all. The merges will be known as Evolution, and the idea stems from the players themselves. While merges are normal in MMOs, things will get a little complex because of how ArcheAge functions. Below are the list of servers that are consolidating.

North America

  • Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira will be evolved into CONVICTION.
  • Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure will be evolved into THUNDERWING.


  • Kyprosa, Dahuta, and Rangora will be evolved into TEMPEST.
  • Leviathan, Anthalon, and Sirothe will be evolved into RETRIBUTION.

One of the main concerns about the merges is about player lands on affected servers. Do they give it up and rush to grab it all again? The Q&A goes in detail about this so do check it out if you are playing on an affected server. Basically, there will be two options. Firstly, is that players will get a one time free transfer to a higher population server from a merging server. This must be done between August 16 to 29, and is first come first serve. In addition, players must be out of their guilds to move off to another server..

The second option is to remain on a merging server, and start fresh. This will be a completely new server and everyone begins on equal footing when it comes to land. Thus begins, the great land rush of our time in ArcheAge.  Therefore, for players choosing to stay, you will not lose your guild, Nations or Families, which transferring will. Again, check out all the information about Evolution on the official site here.

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