ArcheAge Previews New Sea World Boss Charybdis

ArcheAge Previews New Sea World Boss Charybdis

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Beware adventurers, for the rough seas are now the playground for a new world boss in ArcheAge. Charybdis is a powerful Ancestral 15 World Boss with nearly 17 million hp. With the help of Cetus, Charybdis uses a large variety of skills to destroy ships around her, devour the people controlling the ships and ensure she stays away from harm. Players can find the world boss in the Whaleswell Strait!

When should you keep a look out for it? Accounts from other sailors that survived say she appears on Thursday and Sunday at the following times:
EU: 09:30 PM UTC // NA: 06:30 PM PST.

To read more about the lore and backstory of the Charybdis world boss, see the official forum post here.

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