Architect Update Goes Live For Osiris New Dawn

Architect Update Goes Live For Osiris New Dawn

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Architect Update Goes Live For Osiris New Dawn

Good news, Osiris New Dawn players! The Architect content expansions is now live on the game. This off-world exploration and building game just keeps improving, and the latest patch adds brand new content for those that enjoy creating.

As far as what comes with the expansion, players can expect new building capabilities. These include building walls, utilities and more items to create the next big base, outpost or whatever you desire. Over Besides construction, combat is also one of the things this expansion has tweaked. Melee combat will now feel more fluid, with better balance overall. There’s also a new ranged weapon in the form of the Bolt Rifle to use.

For brand new players, the Beginning aka the tutorial is also pretty fresh. For existing players that like a challenge, it will please you to know that a new difficulty has been added to the game. The new sliders goes all the way up to Extreme Difficulty, which should be pretty self explanatory. If you want a harder challenge, pick that.

In addition to all these new good stuff, the game will be offering a Steam discount for the near future. The price is dropping by %33, therefore, if you have been holding off, now’s the best time to pick the game up. Check out more info on Osiris New Dawn on their Steam page.

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