Atlantis Returns to Uncharted Waters Online

Atlantis Returns to Uncharted Waters Online

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Atlantis Returns to Uncharted Waters Online

Atlantis, the legendary vanishing continent, has resurfaced in Uncharted Waters Online! Appearing for the first time on the new Maris server relaunched through Papaya Play, Atlantis brings with it several benefits for Captains capable of reaching its shores, including:

  • Players can conduct ‘Ancient Technology Research’ in exchange for rewards with their home nation.

  • Players can commune with gods from classical mythology at Temples and receive unique powerful temporary ‘Blessings’.

  • A hidden dungeon can be accessed through the Temple of Poseidon, granting special rewards to players brave enough to enter.

Before Captains can take advantage of all the benefits Atlantis provides, they must first complete a number of prerequisite steps and construct a Solar Barge vessel capable of sailing there (see the link below). This is an easy to complete task that will set players off on their new adventure sooner rather than later.

True to its namesake, the ‘vanishing continent’ won’t be available in Uncharted Waters Online for long! Players should make the most of its return while they can, before it disappears beneath the waves once more.

More information on Atlantis’ return and how to access it can be found through the link below:







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