Awakening System Is Now Live On KurtzPel

Awakening System Is Now Live On KurtzPel

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Free-to-play action Fighting game KurtzPel, is kicking off the new year by introducing a brand-new Awakening System. This system will allow players to increase their Karma’s level cap, unlock the Awakening Gauge mechanic and unlock brand new passive and normal skills! The Awakening Update begins with two Karmas – Sword Taliah and Dance of Wind and will go live on January 13th.
The new Awakening System will be unlocked from an Awakening Quest once players reached Lv. 20 and Karma Lv. 6. This will expand your Karma’s skill tree allowing players to unlock their Awakening Gauge, passive skills, brand new skills, and even additional skill slots.
The Awakening Gauge is a dungeon-exclusive meter that fills as players continue to damage enemies. Players can activate the Awakening Gauge once filled to significantly increase their attack power, stamina recovery, mana recovery and movement speed for a set duration. Furthermore, players that can perfectly dodge enemies’ attacks will be rewarded with additional buffs to their character! This means players will have to time their Awakenings to maximize its benefits to assist with their final push against bosses.
As players continue to level up their Karma to Lv. 10, they will also unlock a special Awakening Rage Skill that can be used while Awakened. This Awakening Rage Skill can only be activated once a player is awakened with a full rage bar. This will be unique Rage Skill that can turn the tide of any boss fight alongside your Karma’s Awakening.
However, to ensure fair gameplay across game modes, the Awakening Effect, Skill Slot Expansions and Awakening Rage Skills will be disabled in any Player vs Player content. However, players will be able to use the newly added Normal Skill and Passive Skills in both game modes.
Finally, there will also be a New & Returning Chaser Attendance Event added which is perfect for New and Returning Players to earn prizes and rewards just for logging in such as AP/CP Boosters, Heroic Karma Token Select Cube, Advanced Dye, Character Appearance Change Ticket and more! In particular, the Heroic Karma Token Select Cube will allow you to select a Heroic Karma Token of your choice which will level a chosen Karma to level 4 to give you a boost to reach your Awakening!
Check out the full list of changes and more details in the KurtzPel Karma Awakening Patch Notes Here:
With this major Awakening Patch, it’s the perfect time to get into KurtzPel and try out all the new skills and systems! So, if you haven’t yet had the chance to check out KurtzPel, or you’re a player who hasn’t logged into Eltheca for a while, check out KurtzPel today alongside the new Karma Awakening!

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