Battleborn Allows Players To Play For Free

Battleborn Allows Players To Play For Free

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Battleborn Allows Players To Play For Free

Next-gen MMO shooter Battleborn is now free to play. In an announcement, developers Gearbox debuts the launch of a free downloadable experience.

Players who jump in today will encounter no time limits or level caps. Additionally, content can be unlocked in-game or purchased Ala-carte.

Back in September, there were rumors about free to play, but the game has denied it. Call this new model whatever you want, but it is indeed, F2P. This free version will give players access to six out of thirty characters, which goes on rotation. It’s also important to note that all character and account progress you make will be permanent.

There’s also premium currency which can be bought or earned, which is expected for free to play. And for those who purchase any content or characters, will be given in-game credits to compensate any duplicate items.

For existing players who purchased the game at release, you will receive a Founder status. This includes Legendary Gear, 1000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, loot packs and more. There are a lot of feature updates too, including a separate queue for new players.

If you have not played Battleborn for whatever reason, I guess it’s time to see if it’s any good. It’s no Overwatch, but hey at least it’s free.

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