Black Desert Online Announces New Class, Content & More

Black Desert Online Announces New Class, Content & More

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Black Desert Online Announces New Class, Content & More

In a Twitch stream aired over the weekend, Black Desert Online Korea revealed a string of exciting news.

The first is that a brand new class is making its way into the game. Known as The Striker, the class uses a combination of street fighting skills with old school martial arts. Players are expected to use him as single target DPS specialist, as he is a one-on-one specialist. The attributes associated with the new class appears to be speed and evasion. It kind of sounds like rogue.

In terms of playable content, there’s a couple of additions incoming. Kamasylvia Part 2 is currently in development. It will include a new capital city, PVP battlegrounds, a few new zones and hunting grounds for level 60 players.

The second is a brand new cooperative horde mode. Black Raptured Dimension involves players defending an island from waves of monsters. This will be a fun new group activity that rewards players with new goodies. Players can also improve their chances of success by building and constructing defenses.

Besides new content, we can also expect to see a lot of quality of life changes coming to BDO. The game’s guild systems are bringing changes, while the UI system is getting overhauls too. Whether or not this has to do with the upcoming console port launch remains to be seen.

And finally, there’s a new climbing system coming to complement the already excellent parkour system. A new battle mount in the form of a legendary unicorn is also in the works. So BDO players, let us know – are you excited for the upcoming changes?




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