Black Desert Online Is Coming To Consoles

Black Desert Online Is Coming To Consoles

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Black Desert Online Is Coming To Consoles

Action combat MMORPG Black Desert Online is finally coming to consoles. In a tweet, the BDO account has confirmed that a port for Playstation 4 and Xbox One is in the works.

Developers Pearl Abyss has plenty to do in terms of addressing the game’s issues on the PC. But nevertheless, this is still great news for console players who are BDO fans.

They also mention that everything regarding the console port is strictly under wraps for now. There is no other information with regard to a timeline or price.

BDO is renowned for it’s crisp, high texture graphics in-game. Both character models and game environments are stunning for an MMO. It remains to be see if the console versions can replicate that same magic. Mind you, the latest gen consoles do have power under the hood to run these games, but will it be the same?

We’ve already covered why MMORPGs should consider launching on consoles in a past article. BDO does fit the criteria of being a suitable console game too. The action combat will feel natural on a controller, as will movement. Parkour in BDO is a thing too, so scaling things on the console could be fun.

The biggest talking point here is that BDO have reached a stage where audience expansion is the next step forward. A console launch could mean two things. The first, is that the game needs a fresh pool of audience to boost the game’s stagnant population. And just like how The Elder Scrolls Online launched on consoles, timing could be everything to reintroduce the hype surrounding this MMO and get players in.

The second, is that BDO is doing extremely well and just got greedy. This is extremely unlikely, so we’re hypothesizing it’s the first reason.


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