Black Desert Online Is Coming To Steam

Black Desert Online Is Coming To Steam

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Black Desert Online Is Coming To Steam

It’s proving to be an active year for Black Desert Online. Besides announcing a Brazilian version and a console port, BDO is now coming to Steam. Kakao Games Europe and Pearl Abyss are working toward making the game playable on Steam by May 24th 2017.

The game will essentially remain the same, but there are no details on pricing at the moment. Buy to play will probably be the same payment modus operandi as well, but it will be interesting to see if they price remains the same. Not a lot of MMORPGs launch on Steam as Valve takes 30% of the cut.

For existing players, unfortunately, there will not be a way to sync your existing accounts to your Steam account. Therefore, if you want to play BDO through Steam, you need to create a brand new account. And for players that are currently blocked from accessing the game because of IP restrictions, we’ve got bad news. Black Desert Online coming to Steam will not lift the region block. So those that couldn’t play before, still won’t be able to play it. For the full FAQ list, visit this link here.

The good news for players in the West is that you’ll still be playing on the NA/EU servers. On top of that there’s Steam Trading Cards and achievements to collect too! So are you excited that BDO is coming to Steam? Let us know in the comments below.




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