Black Desert Online: Margoria Expansion will be released this month

Black Desert Online: Margoria Expansion will be released this month

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Black Desert Online: Margoria Expansion will be released this month:

Black Desert Online recently began to pre-load the upcoming Margoria Expansion which is the largest update in this MMORPG’s history. Developer Kakao Games has just announced that the pre-loading will be concluded later this month.

the the expansion will be launched on January 25th.

What’s to come later this month

The naval focused expansion has been confirmed to contain a large amount of new content.
players are introduced to a whole new territory.
The new expansion will be introducing underwater zones for the first time which will be filled with treasure for players to collect and a range of other features.
It will also include a new harbor which will allow players to access the new zones in the game. Not only does this update include a brand new zone, players will be able to fight monsters underwater. Details about this underwater combat system are currently unknown but the developers should release this soon.
Another large addition to the game is the ship construction system which allows players to create their own ships.

There have been no comments yet about what the ships will be used for. It’s thought that the ships will play a role in. some of the 100 new quests that are being added to the game.

The update from earlier this week was a large 2.58 GB and officially marked the beginning of the Margoria Expansion pre-loading. The first update which was released in preparation for the Margoria Expansion was actually released in October. The ocean update added a variety of new features and depth to the oceans of the world. Kakao Games has confirmed that several other updates will be coming over the next two weeks in preparation for the full release.

The Margoria Expansion will be full released by the end of the month on January 25th. Players with a slow internet connection may have some trouble downloading this massive update when each piece has been released over the next two weeks.

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