Black Desert Online Reveals Account Security Breach

Black Desert Online Reveals Account Security Breach

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Black Desert Online Reveals Account Security Breach

Uh-oh, if you’re a Black Desert Online player, your account may be in trouble. The BDO team strongly advises that you replace both your email address and password used to log in to the game.

Earlier today, community manager Aethon posted on the forums notifying players of the problem.

“We recently received a report that account security may have been compromised on a third party website. In response, we have reset the password for any related accounts. We strongly urge any user whose password was reset to contact customer support in order to change your e-mail address. Additionally if you used the same or a similar password on any other services, it should be replaced.”

Information is really vague at this point, but players should heed the advice nonetheless. The breach took place in third party websites, so no one knows the actuall facts and figures.  A lot of questions remain, but just be safe and change your details in the meantime.

This is also bringing up a very valid discussion on the forums. Why does Black Desert Online not have a two step authenticator? Most modern MMORPGs do in-fact use one, and the benefits of security if offers players is tremendous. Besides inputting your login details, the two step authenticator also requires a real time numerical input. It could be an app from Google or an in-built version by BDO. When synchronized to a players smartphone or computer, only the player has access to the numerical.

Using this, even if hackers obtain log in details, there is no way they can crack the two step authenticator. I for one second the opinion on the BDO forums and agree that adding it would be best for the game.






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