Black Desert Online SEA Announces New Class, Zone and Awakening Update For First Half of 2018

Black Desert Online SEA Announces New Class, Zone and Awakening Update For First Half of 2018

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Black Desert Online SEA Announces New Class, Zone and Awakening Update For First Half of 2018

Ever since its launch in the SEA region this January, Black Desert Online has been thriving according Pearl Abyss COO James Heo. “Everyone has been so supportive over the months leading up to the CBT and through to the release of the game. We felt their passion and excitement for Black Desert Online even before the launch. It was a wonderful feeling and we’re extremely grateful that we’ve managed to bring even more Adventurers along the way,”.

To keep up the pace of catching up players to the existing content in other region’s versions of the game, a new road map has been released. The first half of 2018 may be coming to a close, but there’s lots more coming to BDO SEA.

What’s Coming Up in the First Half of 2018

New Class

Maewha will be making her way into the game today as the twelfth playable character on the SEA server. She joined the team just one week after the introduction of her male counterpart, Musa. They are both melee type classes that wield longswords as their main weapon to execute lightning quick attacks and powerful combos. She does tons of damage with her seamless skill chain features and exceptional maneuverability to provide an unforgettably dynamic gameplay style.

Awakening Update
New classes are just the beginning of the company’s plan to bring even more new content to Black Desert Online SEA. They have also announced the plan for the long awaited Awakening of the twelve classes. All twelve classes will be reborn stronger than ever. In April, characters that reach level 56 can start their awakening quests. Once complete, they can obtain an Awakening weapon that have a batch of new skills that will completely change how Adventurers play the game. It will really amp everything to the next level. The Awakenings will be divided into two separate updates, starting with the first six characters that were playable in the game. The rest will be available the following week.

New Territory Expansion: Valencia
A large desert territory has been discovered and will be open for exploration in May and will have new dungeons available in June. This is the territory that separates the two warring states, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheon. It is larger in size than any of the other territories currently open in the game. It is filled with sandstorms, severe temperature changes and new mysteries to solve. However, as dangerous as it is, the new territory offers great rewards, new activities, and a whole slew of new content like treasure hunting, capturing elephants or camels, and establishing new trade routes to strengthen your foothold in the Black Desert.

Although time passed in the blink of an eye, everything fell into place like it was meant to be. Soon Black Desert Online SEA will have been out for 100 days. There will be a 100th day celebration to thank all of the Adventurers for their support so stay tuned for amazing events and so much more. Pearl Abyss plans to continue their successful journey in Southeast Asia by providing even better service and contents for years to come.




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