Black Desert Online servers are changing this month

Black Desert Online servers are changing this month

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Black Desert Online servers are changing this month:

A member of the Black Desert Online team revealed yesterday that the servers will be receiving a massive structure overhaul to create a system similar to the megaservers that The Elder Scrolls Online takes place on.

The servers currently available for the Western version of the game will be merging into two super servers; one for Europe and one for North America. This change has already occurred for other versions of the game so this update has been expected for quite some time now.

This is being called the “New World” and the transition will include a new economy system to cope with this; the economy system is dependent on players and a single market will host a much larger collection of items as a result. It’s expected that other systems will also need to be adjusted to deal with the server merge and the Black Desert Online team will release more information as the date crawls closer.

A detailed FAQ has been released on the official game forum to help deal with the most common questions about this change; its revealed that the transition to the new structure will take around one week to complete and November 30th is the estimated completion date.

Players with characters, items, friends and houses on different servers will be affected by this server update; the full details are available in the FAQ on the forum post. A variety of systems will be affected by the change in different ways but the last server players log into before the final maintenance mode will be considered the “main server” for that account.

The transition to the New World should be completed on November 30th and players should expect a few server issues while this is taking place; the PvP Sieges will be stopping on November 26th and should begin again once the New World is working correctly.

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