Black Desert Online starts Black Friday early

Black Desert Online starts Black Friday early

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Black Desert Online starts Black Friday early:

Black Desert Online is getting involved with Black Friday this year with a nice 50% discount on all versions of the game; this includes the Explorer’s Package which includes a large amount of starting items such as a Tier 3 horse, a permanent horse flute and a pet of the players choice.

In-game items are also discounted with some items being 80% off which is great news for cosmetic lovers and anyone looking for a new booster. However, the premium currency isn’t currently discounted so players still need to pay full price to purchase some Daum Cash.

The Black Friday event will be ending November 27th at 7PM EDT so there’s a very limited time period for these deals; the developer has also confirmed that some deals will be rotated each hour so encourage gamers to keep checking the in-game items store.

Two new class Awakenings have also been launched this week; Musa and Maehwa are the latest ones to be given their Awakening weapons. Musa uses the Crescent Blade while Maehwa uses the Kerispear. Each weapon has a unique story behind it and the developers have uploaded them to the website for dedicated players to read through ahead of the important in-game details for them.

Musa’s weapon is focused around heavy attacks which still allow him to move swiftly while Maehwa is specialized in performing critical attacks on multiple enemies; she should also be able to move swiftly while dealing heavier attacks on multiple opponents.

New Awakening Quests have been added to the game for both Musa and Maehwa which sends them on seven new main quests and also 3 ordeal quests to gain the new Awakening weapons.

The latest Awakening update has now been released and anyone interested in Black Desert Online should look to make the most out of the Black Friday sale event.

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