Black Desert's Corsair Class and Summer Servers Now Available

Black Desert’s Corsair Class and Summer Servers Now Available

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Pearl Abyss has launched the pirate class Corsair in Black Desert this week on PC, console, and mobile. Corsair is a swashbuckling swords-woman who can harness the power of the ocean. Her combat style mimics the waves of the sea – unpredictable, powerful, and smooth.

Her main weapon is Serenaca, a ‘composite sword’ that can extend its blade to an incredible length. Her sub-weapon, Mareca, grants Corsair the ability to transform into a mermaid and send waves barreling into her enemies. As a pirate, she can swim faster and stay underwater longer than any other class in the game.
Corsair makes landfall with a treasure trove of powerful skills, including:

  • Riding Waves: Corsair surfs forward to quickly attack the enemy, inflicting stun on her target and increasing her Defense Points. Activating a skill enhancement transforms Corsair into a mermaid to travel longer distances. 
  • Mareca: Sea Stroll: In her mermaid form, Corsair summons a massive wave that chases opponents before cresting and crashing down on her foes. 

To celebrate her arrival, each platform offers different in-game events and rewards.

Black Desert Online and console’s latest update introduced a season server to help Adventurers grow their characters faster with special perks, like more combat EXP, enhancement materials like Cron Stones and Black Stones, and support boxes. It’s great for new Adventurers, and can be found in the server selection screen.
For more information on Corsair and the platforms’ related in-game events, visit the official PCconsole, and mobile sites. 

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