Black Desert's New Corsair Class To Launch Alongside Tide's End Update On June 29

Black Desert’s New Corsair Class To Launch Alongside Tide’s End Update On June 29

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Last week was extremely eventful for Pearl Abyss and its flagship MMORPG Black Desert. Not only did they spill the beans on what’s coming at the end of this month, but we also have plenty of upcoming features and updates announced in the 2021 second half roadmap, from the Heidel Ball at the weekend.

Most pressingly for Black Desert players, will be the news that come June 29th, they will have a brand new class to sink their teeth into, the Corsair. Here’s what’s known about the new class:

Corsair wields the Serenaca, a composite sword with a deadly extendable blade, and the Mareca, a treasure of the seas containing the very power of the waves. With these weapons at her disposal, she uses ropes to maneuver fluidly across the field of combat and inflict devastating damage on her enemies. Like a free ocean spirit, her attacks are as hard to predict as the waves themselves, and come crashing down on her opponents without a moment’s notice. Comboing these skills with her rope also allows Corsair to rush around enemies in order to attack them on all fronts, and even bombard them from the air. It is no exaggeration to say that Corsair’s skills are unique compared to those of all the other classes.

Corsair also uses the sacred power of the treasure to transform into a Mermaid. This allows her to unleash soaring tidal waves upon her enemies as she dances majestically with whales emerging from the long-lost Sea of Dreams. Lastly, Corsair’s sea-faring life has given her the ability to swim faster than anyone else, and to stay underwater for long durations.

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