Black Desert's O'dyllita Region Receives New Main Quests In Latest Update

Black Desert’s O’dyllita Region Receives New Main Quests In Latest Update

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Pearl Abyss announced today that the new series of main quests in the recently released O’dyllita region are now available in Black Desert SEA. With this update, Adventurers will now be able to gain great rewards by exploring the new story of O’dyllita. 

By completing the new main quests, Adventurers can continue to discover the secrets of O’dyllita, such as the story of the daughters of Sylvia, goddess of Kamasylvia, and the events that transpired in this apparently peaceful forest.  

As Adventurers discover the new story of O’dyllita, they can also encounter the new World Boss, Bloodstorm Nouver. This monster boasts even more powerful attacks than the current Nouver, and makes continuous whirlwinds to keep its enemies at distance. Defeating Bloodstorm Nouver will earn Adventurers special rewards such as Nouver Sub-weapons and Gold Bars. 

Moreover, a special in-game event will take place for new and returning Adventurers until December 1, in which rare Iridescent Moonlight Stones can be obtained when Tempered Stones are manufactured 60 times. These stones can be crafted using materials gathered through Black Spirit quests and Challenges.   

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