BlackShot Competitive Mode BETA Season 2 Now Live

BlackShot Competitive Mode BETA Season 2 Now Live

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BlackShot Competitive Mode BETA Season 2 Now Live

 Season 2 of BlackShot’s revolutionary new Competitive Mode BETA is live. Featuring several changes guided by community feedback collected in the first phase of the BETA, the highlights of Season 2 include:

  • Team Flag Match (TFM) is now available in Competitive matchmaking (replacing Domination).

  • Competitive Ranking Tiers have been subdivided into Divisions to better group opponents by relative skill levels.

  • The ELO.P Algorithm has been adjusted to provide rewards for players at lower Ranking Tiers, while still maintaining high-level skill difficulty.

  • The matchmaking Squad functionality now includes additional Invite and ‘Ready’ options.

  • The top Ranking Tier, ‘The Black’, has been reduced from 100 to 10 members.

These system changes are accompanied by several community events, offering various boosts and prizes for playing Competitive Mode and achieving certain milestones. The full details of the Competitive Mode BETA Season 2 update can be found through the following links:

BETA Season 2 Update Events:

BETA Season 2 System Changes:

BlackShot is a free-to-play FPS game for Windows operating systems. It is accessed through a regional game client (either Global or Southeast-Asia, depending on location) and requires an Internet connection to play.





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