BlackShot x BlackShot M: Gears Crossover Brings New Characters and Weapons

BlackShot x BlackShot M: Gears Crossover Brings New Characters and Weapons

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 BlackShot, the popular online First-Person Shooter from developer and publisher Vertigo Games, has begun the next stage of its evolution with the Operation: Neo Chronos content update. Featuring crossover weapons and characters from BlackShot’s mobile counterpart, BlackShot M: Gears, Neo Chronos also upgrades Battle Royale mode with fan-requested features and changes.

Included in this update is a new character skin, Adam Neo. Having journeyed into the future, the legendary mercenary has returned outfitted with advanced body armor that enhances his combat abilities.

BlackShot’s substantial arsenal of firepower has been enhanced with the all-new FW-14 Neo Shark assault rifle, FW-LS Neo Owl sniper rifle, and Neo Grenade Mk1. These experimental weapons are cutting-edge tools of warfare that make their modern-day counterparts look primitive by comparison!

Battle Royale mode has also been given an upgrade in Operation: Neo Chronos. Now, players can specify the number and duration of rounds per match, get ranked based on their overall performance rather than pure survival, and have a higher chance of finding top-tier weapons in the combat zone. Additionally, a Safe Zone will now appear on the map close to the end of the match, forcing surviving players closer together as the rest of the map becomes hazardous!

Along with new Mastery Boost items, returning maps like Berlin, Galata and LRT, and a new Competitive Season, the first stage of Operation: Neo Chronos is a sign of more updates to come to BlackShot as it enters a new decade. More characters and weapons from BlackShot M: Gears will be coming soon!

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