Bless Online Releases Steam Trailer And Is Officially Launching 2018

Bless Online Releases Steam Trailer And Is Officially Launching 2018

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Bless Online Releases Steam Trailer And Is Officially Launching 2018

For those of you following Neowiz’s Korean MMORPG Bless, some big news is here. The studio recently put out a cinematic trailer to announce that the game is coming to Steam. You can watch the trailer below.

Moreover, an official date is also available although slightly vague. The game will be playable in 2018, but unfortunately, no month details. We can only hope it’s soon, plus there’s only two months left in 2017 to go. All things considered, it’s exciting to know that Bless has gone through it’s re-development and is ready for Western audiences. By all accounts, the game isn’t doing too well in Korea because it feels and plays like a Western MMO.

Other details are kind of sketchy as well, like what payment model is it going to have. Since it is going to be on Steam, there is a high possibility of Bless Online being F2P with micro-transactions. It’s one of those trends that comes with Asian MMOs in Western markets.

The trailer itself is really pleasing. Bless is definitely a gorgeous looking MMO and its open world content looks enticing to partake in when you see the environments. Lot’s of people are pointing out that the stutter issues are still there, but it could just be that the footage is from an older build.

Regardless, we cannot wait to check out Bless Online when it launches on Steam! Stay up to date on their website here.


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