Celebrate St. Qubeslick's Day on Trove: New Mount, Pets and More

Celebrate St. Qubeslick’s Day on Trove: New Mount, Pets and More

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The luckiest time of the year for Trove – St. Qubeslick’s Day – has finally arrived! Starting today and ending on March 22nd, Trovians can participate in a number of new and returning quests to earn several rewards including mounts, pets, allies, and more.

Trovians will start their adventure speaking with Qubesly in the game hub who will offer a quest to craft two limited-time foods, St. Qubeslick’s Delite and St. Qubeslick’s Feast. Eating either will grant players a magic find boost, but they’ll also make fan favorites Luckbeast and Fluxbeast  – and two all-new enemies Tricera-Flux and Tricera-Luck – visible for a certain amount of time. Hunting this fearsome foursome can reward players with either a pet or mount version of the unlucky beast they just took down. For example, defeating a Luckbeast can cause a Luckbeast Pet or Mount to drop.

Got a belly full of Delite/Feast and a pocket full of hunting trophies? Then Trovians should head to the Treasure Isles to earn the new Sir o’Lucky’s Coin event currency which can be spent at a Pot o’ Gold in 3 Star Dungeons within the same region. Doing so will grant an effect that makes it possible to see Sir o’Lucky at Unity Shrines who just so happens to be offering random items to purchase including the Lil Lucky ally and the Perennial Pot o’ Gold workbench.

But – what’s this? The only thing left in your bag is Luckbeast Haunch? Then it’s your lucky day because they can be used to purchase a limited number of Lucky Clovers and St. Qubeslick Pinatas, which can offer even MORE rewards!

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