Cloud Pirates Is Shutting Down On September 29th

Cloud Pirates Is Shutting Down On September 29th

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Cloud Pirates Is Shutting Down On September 29th

Only a few months since its release, Cloud Pirates is shutting down. have not come out with any explanation or reasoning for sunsetting the game.

For us inquisitive folks, its easy to see why. The PvP ship battle game just isn’t popular enough to gain the traction and playerbase it needs. According to game data tracking site SteamSpy, the average peak concurrent players on  Steam isn’t great. It averages 200 players online at any one time, which is not at all healthy for an MMO of any kind.

In addition, the game is strangely region locked for players in SE Asia, which further restricts its ability to gain players. It’s unfortunate because the game’s setting and game play looks incredibly fun. There aren’t many steampunk ship battle games out there, which any studio should capitalize on.

Before it shuts however, are turning on some farewell boosts in-game. Between now and the end, progress is increased by 50% and all content will be available for 1 Gold. Players with premium currency can also convert them to Rubies for a decent rate. This feature will allow you to use your premium currency on other games when Cloud Pirates goes down permanently. For more information, check out the official post here.


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