Conan Exiles Delays XBOX One Release To Later In The Year

Conan Exiles Delays XBOX One Release To Later In The Year

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Conan Exiles Delays XBOX One Release To Later In The Year

Massively popular open world survival game Conan Exiles has some bad news for console players. The game will delay its launch on the XBOX One until later in the year. In a tweet from the official Twitter account, Funcom explains the situation.

According to Funcom, Conan Exiles will be push the console XBOX One release to Q3 2017. The unfortunate part is that the reason for doing so remains unspecified. Well, they do say patience is a virtue. So if you have been waiting to play this game on your couch, it will take a while.

The good news is that the game has put out a patch recently that fixes plenty of issues. The patch seeks to address a few exploits and improve game server start up speed. It also corrects some of the region-specific server issues that were hampering gameplay. One of the major issues being encountered by players is the loss of peaceable items. Unfortunately, the developers are yet to find a fix for that. They are aware of the issue however, and fixing them remains a top priority.

We really shouldn’t be surprised at how popular the game is. Thousands of players are currently playing the game and it’s one of Steam’s most played game this quarter. The open world survival concept is a huge hit but issues remain. If Funcom can weed out the issues, the game will be elevated to even greater heights. Hopefully, the server issues can be put to rest so the devs can focus on more pressing fixes.

After that, fingers crossed we will get some brand new content for the game. Fixes are equally important, but if content becomes stale, the player base will drop. What would you prefer to have, a bug free game or new content?









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