Conan Exiles Stream round-up

Conan Exiles Stream round-up

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Conan Exiles Stream round-up:

If you missed the first ever public look at the upcoming MMO survival game, Conan Exiles, the developer has uploaded the stream to YouTube in different segments. Funcom didn’t reveal any PvP footage from the game but they did explain quite a bit about the game and displayed a range of features in the game.

The stream started two members of the team showing the character creation system; around 14 races could be in the final version of the game, this number isn’t certain however but there are a large number of races to select from.

When the game starts, the player has been crucified and left for dead in a desert for their crimes; this is where the player creates their character by selected from a range of pre-selected options. Race is purely cosmetic and provides no ability bonuses.

The game can be played in third or first person; changing between the perspectives is instant and is done with a simple scroll of the mouse wheel. It features the classic MMORPG controls where players can access a range of options with button presses on the keyboard. Players have a number of bars on the top left of the screen which shows health, hunger, thirst and other important details which players need to be aware of in this MMO survival game.

While the current state of the game looks very good and it’s certainly ready to enter Early Access next year, there was quite a few issues with glitches and graphical bugs; the team still has a lot of work to do with adding more animations and fixing bugs but the game looks relatively stable.


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