Crossout Open Beta And Soft Launch Goes Live

Crossout Open Beta And Soft Launch Goes Live

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Crossout Open Beta And Soft Launch Goes Lives

Remember Crossout? Almost a year ago, the game announced itself on the MMO stage. Today, the game’s open beta is here and with that, officially marks the start of its soft launch.

For those that do not remember the name, here’s a debrief. Crossout is a vehicle PVP MMO, where players kill each other using their tricked out rides. There’s more to that however – crafting is important and there’s a lot of vehicle customization. You can select different armor, guns and other crazy equipment to be effective.

Besides that, the setting is also something unique. It’s a mix of Mad Max and Death Race combined. The result is a pretty satisfying game that will take care of your automobile destruction cravings.

Prior to the soft launch, Crossout has been in a long closed beta. There were many tweaks, especially to match balancing and crafting. Now that all progress is wiped, players have a fresh start that will carry over to release.

If you have been a part of prior betas, there’s more good news. You will receive free rewards for your participation. So what are you waiting for? Drivers, go raise some hell. Check out the official soft launch trailer below! Join Open Beta



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