Dark And Light Patch Fixes Server Issues

Dark And Light Patch Fixes Server Issues

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Dark And Light Patch Fixes Server Issues

Over the last couple of weeks, Dark and Light’s technical issues have been giving players a hard time. To fix this, the game put out a minor patch today. The patch addresses a chunk of the technical issues.

Among them are the primary cause of player’s concern, which are the server issues. According to the devs, the elemental creature respawns are the main cause of the lag and crashes. To improve this, other efforts such as tweaking to Wall of Lightning will now reduce any serious lag issues.

That’s not the end of it however. In addition to today’s patch, another patch coming soon will introduce optimization tweaks and balance updates. Several monster creatures will be getting resistances and certain weapons and spells will be affected.

On top of that, expect to see changes to the game play adjustments as well. The UI in-game will be getting a face lift, and funnily, the graphic animation of female avatars eating will be adjusted. No ETA is provided for the next patch, but we do expect to see it by next week.

For more information on what’s currently happening on DnL, check out their Steam page here. Patch notes and other concurrent updates will be available to read there.

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