Division 2 Exotic Reconfiguration Guide: How To Reroll Exotics In Division 2

Division 2 Exotic Reconfiguration Guide: How To Reroll Exotics In Division 2

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The next title update is almost upon us in Division 2, and after today’s maintenance players will now be able to reconfigure exotic weapons and gear in-game. This feature will allow you to bring up your lower level Exotics to your current level and improve current Exotics that are already at your current level, providing a continuous purpose for Exotic Components. Here’s a quick rundown and guide on how to reconfigure exotics.

What Is Exotic Reconfiguration

The ability to reconfigure an exotic will do 2 things:

  1. The Exotic selected will be brought up to the level of your crafting bench, up to level 40.
  2. The attributes of the Exotic you reconfigure, will get new stat values assigned which are appropriate for the Exotic’s level. The overall new power of a reconfigured Exotic will be at a guaranteed minimum and can go all the way up to a god-rolled item.

Reconfiguring an Exotic that is already at your current level will skip the first step, and immediately re-roll its status and attributes. It can be risky to reconfigure an already powerful Exotic, as each individual attribute bar and the overall power of the item will be re-rolled. Everything between a god-roll and a weaker overall roll is possible, but it will always be above the guaranteed minimum.

Exotic Blueprints

Reconfigure Blueprints will become available for all Exotics in the game, including the Exotics introduced in the Warlords of New York expansion. As soon as you own a specific Exotic, you can purchase the Reconfigure Blueprint from the crafting Vendor, Inaya. Existing upgrade blueprints you already owned prior to TU9 will be converted into Reconfigure Blueprints automatically and will be available in the Reconfigure section of your crafting bench.

How Much Will It Cost To Reconfigure Exotics

Reconfiguring an Exotic will cost 1 Exotic Component, in addition to the generic crafting materials required for that particular Exotic. Deconstructing an Exotic will now yield 1 Exotic Component, down from 2 prior to TU9. Therefore if you’re reading this before the new update and don’t have Exotic Components at max stacks, start deconstructing your spare Exotics now as they still give you 2. And remember, if you’re not getting any Exotic Components, that’s because you’re already at at the max stacks.

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