Division 2 Solo Build Guide: Casual Sniper Turret Skill Build

Division 2 Solo Build Guide: Casual Sniper Turret Skill Build

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If you’re looking for a decent solo player/casual player Skill build for The Division 2, we’ve got one! We’ve been using this sniper turret build with some great success running missions and open world content on Challenging difficulty and below. Here’s some info.

The Basics

The build uses a 4 piece hard-wired set gear items for the Feedback loop effect, it has the Acostas go-bag exotic for the overcharged talent, plus the additional stuff doesn’t hurt. And the final gear slot can be anything you want really, to further optimize what you’re trying to do. So for skills obviously you want the sniper turret, and I pair it with the healing hive placed right next to it for best effect.For weapons, look you’ll be hitting like a wet tissue paper cause all your attributes are into skill tier and not much else, so really just equip whatever guns are you favorites to use. I’d recommend a nice rifle which helps with the sniper turret aim and for headshots, and use a shotgun for those elites that rush you.  Its not the best solo turret build out there but hey it works, and not hard to get.

Check out the full build explanation and see it in action in our video build guide below.

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