Dofus Steam launch is delayed

Dofus Steam launch is delayed

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Dofus Steam launch is delayed:

MMORPG Dofus has been exclusively available through it’s official website for the past 12 years and developer Ankama Games has finally decided to end this; its been confirmed that the game will be released on Steam very soon.

It was originally due to be launched on November 7th but Ankama Games has revealed that they did not get the build approval from Valve; while the developer commented that they’re looking to release the game today, it’s still uncertain if this will happen.

Dofus will be released onto Steam in the near future however and the new Steam version will link to any existing accounts the player may have; it should be a smooth transition once the Steam store page has finally been launched. The game can still be played through the official client for Dofus.

The spiritual successor to this game, Wakfu, was released on Steam two years ago; Ankama Games has been hard at work over the years, supporting both their games and releasing regular new content for the MMORPGs which certainly keeps them still relevant and popular today.

While this will be the first time the game is available through any other PC gaming platforms, Dofus has been available on mobile devices for quite some time now. It’s one of the best MMO games available for iOS and Android devices however, it’s not identical to the PC version. There is no way to play any characters created on the PC version through this game and it’s been re-worked to be entirely based on touch controls.

The reach of Dofus has increased quite a bit this year and some fans are hopeful for a future console launch for this popular MMORPG; anyone looking for a new game of this genre should keep an eye on Steam to see when this game becomes available through the Steam platform.

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