Don't Miss Out On PUBG's Season 6.3 and 6.2!

Don’t Miss Out On PUBG’s Season 6.3 and 6.2!

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PUBG players, it’s time to buckle up for the end of the seasonal ride, here’s all the details for the final new seasonal stuff for PC and consoles.

PUBG 6.3 PC Update

As part of the PC Update 6.3, PUBG Corporation has announced the latest addition to the Battlegrounds armory – the powerful Panzerfaust!

The new weapon is exclusive to Karakin and its powerful explosions can deal significant damage to enemies while destroying breach points from a distance. Uniquely, the Panzerfaust is the first weapon in PUBG to have a backblast, so mind where your squadmates are standing before you fire it off.

This update also brings a rebalance to the M249, the Tommy Gun, and the UMP-45. The M249, which was previously only available in Care Packages, has an updated look, sound effects and, new attachment slots, but also a reduction in base ammo capacity, damage, and stability. The Tommy Gun has been updated with a damage increase, recoil reduction, and finally the ability to attach red dot and holo sights. Finally, the UMP-45 has seen an increase in damage and bullet travel speed. Additionally, the global ruleset for esports mode has been updated to the 2020 version.

These updates and more will be available when Update 6.3 lands on PC and console live servers. For those that want to experience the action first, the PC Test Server is open today!

To view the full patch details, check out the latest patch notes here:

PUBG 6.2 Console Update

Update 6.2 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One servers following its debut on PC two weeks ago. For console players, this update introduces Cross Party Play, which means console communities on PS4 and Xbox are now able to invite each other into a single party!

This update also brings new forms of gameplay through Arcade Mode, the first of which is classic Team Deathmatch mode. This new mode, available for a limited time only, features two teams of eight who will face off against each other in a winner takes all frag fest. Additionally, Update 6.2 includes the highly requested rebalance of throwables, including frag grenades, molotovs, stun grenades and more.

For more details on Update 6.2, please check the patch notes available here or visit

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