Dropzone Goes Free To Play & Adds Streamlined 3V3 Mode

Dropzone Goes Free To Play & Adds Streamlined 3V3 Mode

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Dropzone Goes Free To Play & Adds Streamlined 3V3 Mode

For everyone that’s been following Dropzone, we’ve got good news. The hybrid MOBA and RTS game in Steam’s Early Access has now gone free to play.

Players can start downloading the game on Steam right now and check out what’s new with the game. There’s lots of features added to coincide with the free to play transition as well.

In a video interview with Sparkypants president Jason Coleman, it was mentioned that player feedback was an integral part of creating the new features. The number one thing asked for by the community was a more streamlined mode.

As a result, Dropzone now has a dedicated 3v3 mode. Players will only control one Rig, instead of all three. This new feature ensures that both new players and casuals will have a more streamlined experience. It’s also a great introduction mode for players to ease into the game, to prepare for the other modes where micromanagement and strategy becomes more of a factor.

The update also contains the brand new Ranked Draft 1v1 mode. This is a new competitive mode which raises the stakes as players will need to maximize their load outs for their Pilot, Rig and Gear. If you want a more competitive gameplay, the new Ranked Draft seems like the perfect mode for you.

In a previous article, we’ve already talked about what players can expect as a whole from this unique hybrid game. Now that it’s free to play, there is no better time to grab some friends and jump in today.







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