Elsword Releases Two New PvE Dungeons

Elsword Releases Two New PvE Dungeons

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Good news for popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, which delves deeper into the frigid region of Pruinaum with two additional dungeons this week as the El Search Party approaches the climatic finale of the newest Region.
As the El Search Party ventures deeper into Pruinaum, they seek to recover the Soul Fragments of the White Ghost King in the two newest dungeons – Sanctuary of the Soul and Capital-Bound Train. Players can experience the rewards of these dungeons first-hand, with the Taste of Pruinaum Event granting them temporary access to all the rewards for the new dungeons.

Check out the Pruinaum Dungeon Trailer here: [Video Link]

Whether you seek Power or Fashion, the update also comes with special weekend login events to drive you forward. First, acquire the extremely rare Magic Wardrobe Tickets by logging in during August 29th and 30th. These elusive tickets allow you to select a new look for your character which you can use immediately and without sacrificing any of your stats!

But if its power you seek, login during September 5th and 6th to acquire 200 Spectral Amethyst that can be used to craft the legendary Amethystine Prophecy Equipment. The Amethystine Prophecy set is widely-considered the most powerful Equipment set in the game and comes in six different variants to cater to your playstyle.

Check out more details about the On-going Events here: [Link to Info]

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