EVE Online Celebrates 17th Anniversary, Iceland's President Joins In

EVE Online Celebrates 17th Anniversary, Iceland’s President Joins In

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EVE Online is preparing to celebrate its 17th anniversary, and CCP has some events and good stuff lined up. For starters, between now and the 19th of May, players can enjoy the Capsuleer Day Celebration, marked by 14 days of log-in rewards, in which you can expect to get things like SKINS, apparel, skill points, filaments and boosters, and much much more.

There’s also the Capsuleer Day Clash event that goes live on the 7th until the 20th where pilots will need to rescue besieged sites from Triglaveyan forces for even more plunder and loot to grab.

The commemorate the whole thing, the studio made a special video announcement, and even the president of Iceland showed up to console EVE players about the covid situation and the cancellation of their fan-fest. Cool. Secondly for EVE, if you play the game on Steam, don’t forget to claim your free starter pack which is available right now.

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