EVE Online reaches 50K users after going free-to-play

EVE Online reaches 50K users after going free-to-play

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EVE Online reaches 50K users after going free-to-play:

EVE Online has recently moved to free-to-play after spending over 10 years as a subscription based game; the move was made with the implementation of ‘Clone States’ which has been worked into the lore of the game.

Clone States come in two forms; Alpha and Omega. The basic version of the game is called the “Alpha Clone State” which is free-to-play and allows all gamers to explore the world with some limitations in place. The limitations place restrictions on what the player can access and also reduces the rate that skills are trained. The “Omega Clone State” works exactly like the previous subscriptions system where the full game is unlocked.

The move to free-to-play has worked well for EVE Online as the game has quickly returned to the high player count seen in 2015; while the numbers are close to the all-time record for the space MMORPG, they haven’t quite reached the 65k player count seen in 2015.

During the day of the Clone States patch that made the game free-to-play, the game reached 50k players; while it’s still unclear how many of these players will be retained over the next few month but it’s a good start to its life as a free-to-play game. As free-to-play accounts are limited, these players will need to purchase a subscription to access more ships and activities in the game.

Developer CCP Games should start to reveal how the move to free-to-play has affected the space game over the next few months; the move has certainly increased its popularity over the past few weeks and the MMORPG is still considered one of the best space MMOs currently available


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