Final Fantasy Awakening Unleashes Massive Update

Final Fantasy Awakening Unleashes Massive Update

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Final Fantasy Awakening Unleashes Massive Update

Since the launch of new 3D MMORPG Final Fantasy Awakening, the game has consistently improved and sought to bring the ultimate Final Fantasy experience to mobile platform players.

The last major update earlier this year introduced the Dimension Door, Magic Crusade, and Destiny Rune. Square Enix is now excited to announce that another major update will be coming to players on July 4th. Though specific details about the update have yet to be released, fans can rest assured that it’s going to be a game-changer.

Collectible lovers can rejoice over the newly added Eidolon: Leviathan. The water god Leviathan looks like a water snake; when the player encounters a large number of enemies, he can summon Leviathan and cause massive damage to the entire group, reducing his enemy’s defense by 20%.

In addition, when the player has the Eidolon Ramuh at the same time, it will trigger Eidolon Resonance: Ancient Blood, making the player immune, and giving them 20% increased attack power for 10 seconds during the start of the combat.

In order to allow players to enjoy the game’s challenges in the most exciting way possible, the new update has once again enriched the cross-service game, allowing the players to communicate with each other, work with teammates, and have some cross competition.

Through the Battle of Kings, the player can match with players from various servers to enjoy cross-service battles; players who win in the Battle of the King are given the rank of “master” as testament to their outstanding overall strength.

Players can not only compete with the masters, but also get various rewards based on the outcome of the battle, to enhance their own strength. In addition to this, there will be various mysterious players invited to participate in the battle of the gods. In addition to the competition, players can also support other players. The final winners and their supporters will be rewarded with diamonds!

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