Final Fantasy XI Continues Story With Voracious Resurgance

Final Fantasy XI Continues Story With Voracious Resurgance

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The September version update for FINAL FANTASY® XI Online is available today, headlined by the next part in the title’s new story series, The Voracious Resurgence™. The second half of part one of this questline will continue to explore mysteries of Vana’diel’s past that have long been shielded from view, with new battles for players to challenge and rewards for those who emerge victorious.

The September version update arrives alongside other content updates, in-game events and campaigns, and more:

  • Ambuscade Battle Updates – Players can now meet new foes in the latest Ambuscade battle update. The Matamata join the fray, while the Quadavs mark their return in the September update.
  • Odyssey Updates – Players will be able to explore the all new Sheol C field area, from which they can obtain new material to augment Wanted equipment. 
  • Day of the Shadow Lord Event  Through September 30th at 7:59 a.m. (PDT), players can obtain the Shadow Lord’s storied great sword, Lament, and his sword, Nihility, as rewards for completing the Shadow Lord Battle battlefield at any difficulty.
  • Blazing Buffaloes Limited-Time Event – Through September 21st, players can earn rewards by assisting moogles throughout Vana’diel in herding wild buffaloes. Successfully wrangling a buffalo will reward players with a special currency that can be exchanged for a variety of items, including the Buffalo Cap and Aldebaran Horn.
  • Autumn Power Up Campaign – Beginning September 11th and through September 30th, players can enjoy a collection of special campaigns providing a number of bonuses, including increased seal and crest drop rates, special drop rewards on select battlefields, increased unity accolades gains from Records of Eminence, and much more. Complete details can be found here:
  • September Login Campaign – Players who log in throughout the month of September can claim several new rewards and cosmetic items, including a special Sandogasa hat for their character.

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