Gloria Victis Gets Brand New Locations And Events In Latest Update

Gloria Victis Gets Brand New Locations And Events In Latest Update

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Gloria Victis Gets Brand New Locations And Events In Latest Update

PVP-centric MMO Gloria Victis is finally getting some new updates. Developers Black Eye Games have posted some news regarding the new update to the game.

Players will now be able to fully customize a 4-story castle. The castle’s model is already available and is part of the game’s player-run settlements. Due to the game’s building mechanics, the caste will be customizable. Players can upgrade and change its appearances with things like doors, emblems and more.

Besides that, the update also adds brand new locations in the world. Gloria Victis has stunning environments where players confront each other for faction dominance through PVP. They can now do this in more areas. New locations includes an abandoned castle and beautiful environments with great visual backdrops.

Battles can now take place in lavish forests and mountain creeks, or even a cliff side outpost. This no doubt adds more diversity in how players plan and execute clan warfare, thanks to new locations.

Overall, with more updates being added to Gloria Victis, the game is finally starting to feel more fleshed out. Granted, there’s a lot more still to be done if it wants to garner the mass appeal of casual MMO players.

The game features some pretty fun sandbox world-building, where factions of players take control. The combat system isn’t perfect, but it’s playable and I like the weight of melee combat. There’s word going around that the game will update the existing animations and character models.

Should this take place, then I’m more inclined to start playing this again. What do you guys think of Gloria Victis so far? Let us know in the comments!





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