Google Stadia MMORPGs: Top 5 MMOs We Want On It

Google Stadia MMORPGs: Top 5 MMOs We Want On It

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Google Stadia is being hailed as the Netflix of video games. The platform allows players to stream games without the need to download it, and it comes with its own controller. The catch is, it’s pretty pricey to be the first ones to play at launch this November. It will also require a subscription fee, but unlike Netflix, you’re not renting anything – in this case the games. Google wants you to purchase them entirely, but that’s for another day’s discussion. Will there be MMORPGs and MMOs on Google Stadia at launch? Yup! The two MMOs on Google Stadia that’s been confirmed so far is Zenimax’s Elder Scrolls Online, and Bungie’s Destiny 2. But which games do we really want to see on Google Staida? Here’s our list.

World of Warcraft

No brainer – the king of MMORPGs should be on Google Stadia, making it more accessible to new players looking to join in a classic adventure. With almost two decades of content available of World of Warcraft, the download size isn’t getting any smaller. Therefore, streaming WoW for new players sounds like a good deal. Furthermore, with WoW Classic now on the horizon, having it on Stadia might actually open up both the genre and the franchise to new and curious players alike.

Guild Wars 2

Everyone knows the term ‘Netflix and Chill’. What would be the MMO equivalent? Guild Wars 2 and chill of course. When it comes to MMOs that lets you play at your own pace all the time, nothing can touch Guild Wars 2. The world of Tyria is chill, with plenty of world events, story content and grinds that only exist if you care about looking flashy. Beyond that, Guild Wars 2 is by far the most laid back MMORPG out there, and would be perfect for a quick pick-me-up gaming session on Google Stadia. Problem is, the game itself is free to play and buy to play if you factor in the expansions, so no one is really going to want to subscribe to Google Stadia just to play a free to play MMORPG. But still, we’d like to see it on there.

All The Battle Royales

A list of games at launch was released earlier in the week, and surprisingly, not one of the major Battle Royale games are on it. Similar to title above, one might suspect that these games being free to play is a risk. Again, not many can see the sense in paying Google a subscription just to play a free to play game. However, the benefits of having them on the platform is great. Again, we can expect more players, no download issues and no storage issues on the PC either. That’s a win for the most part.

Star Wars the Old Republic

No Star Wars game of any kind, even non MMOs, are on the Google Stadia launch list. Strange, considering the magnitude of the Star Wars fandom and popularity. Nevertheless, besides all the major Star Wars games like Battlefront II, the Old Republic MMO would be a perfect fit. Packed with awesome class stories – eight in total – all expertly written and voiced, the adventure on Stadia could be a shot in the arm for BioWare. Additionally, group content would be given a huge boost by Star Wars players new to the game which will be a positive.

Final Fantasy XIV

We’re calling it right now – FFXIV or Final Fantasy 14, will be on Google Stadia one day. It’s not on the list for launch, but Square Enix has already committed a few games to the platform. These are the Tomb Raider games and Final Fantasy XV, which is our biggest hint that more could be on the way. Similar to the rest, FFXIV is a large MMO in download size and streaming it via Stadia would save a lot of players the trouble.

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