Grepolis (2009) Review

Grepolis (2009) Review

In Real Time Strategy

GGrepolis is a 2D browser based MMORTS game where players must build a strong Greek city; the city must be protected from outside threats in order to thrive. Joining alliances allows player to share valuable resources, send defensive troops to each other and go to war against threatening players to alliances. Being a RTS game it uses real time to complete actions.

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Grepolis Key Features

Alliances – Form alliances with other players for protection and to dominate the server
Traditional RTS – Construct, manage and upgrade the city to ensure it thrives to that it can support a strong military to defend against attack and to defeat other players
Restart the game – If a player’s city or empire falls to another player they have the option to restart the game with a new empire so that they may eventually seek revenge
Grow an empire – Construct new cities around the world to expand the border or take cities by force from other players

Simple tutorial
Being able to grow an empire
Option to restart the game
Filled with Greek mythology

Very pay to win allowing players to skip wait timers and buy armies
Long wait times
Poor graphics
Bad chat interface

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