Guild Wars 2 Is Working On A New Expansion

Guild Wars 2 Is Working On A New Expansion

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Guild Wars 2 Is Working On A New Expansion

Guild Wars 2 Executive Produce Mike O’Brien has confirmed that a new expansion is in the works. He gave players the good news during a Reddit AMA session this week for Flashpoint, the latest chapter in the current Living World story.

This is incredibly exciting news for Guild Wars 2 players. The last expansion, Heart of Thorns, is two years old and many feel it’s about time for a major content update. This should also explain why we reported a permanent price reduction for Heart of Thorns.

During the Reddit AMA, Mike assured players that the wait won’t be too long for new content. In the previous run up to Heart of Thorns, there was a long pause in between expansion and Living World story content. That won’t happen this time around, as there will be two fully staffed teams hitting both content at the same time.

A separate Reddit post contains more juicy information on the new expansion, including leaks that shows new maps. There’s also hints that there will be a few throwbacks to Guild Wars 1 which is a nice touch. On top of that, all classes appears to be getting new Elite Specializations too. Check out the Reddit thread here for more information.





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