Guild Wars 2: Season Finale War Eternal Key Features

Guild Wars 2: Season Finale War Eternal Key Features

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Guild Wars 2 will be launching its final episode of its Living World Season 4, War Eternal tomorrow. The episode will conclude the epic saga of the war against the Elder Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik. Additionally, the Episode 6 will also introduce a new Legendary Greatsword, collection armor set and more. Here are the key features of War Eternal.

The Epic Saga’s Conclusion

If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for a long time, you’ll know the formula. Living World Seasons are episodic content and lets the world tell stories, grow characters and lets you go on an epic, world changing adventure. Season 4 begins right after the Path of Fire expansion, and this episode will conclude that saga. Obviously, we won’t dive into spoilers here, but just know that this is the climax – not only for our characters and this storyline, but it also may tease the future of Guild Wars 2 once this is all done and over. Kralkatorrik has been Tyria’s biggest threat for the last year or so, and what happens should we end it? These are just a taste of the plot lines that ArenaNet could tie up this episode.

Exordium – New Legendary Great sword

For Legendary Weapon hunters, Episode 6 War Eternal will bring a brand new great sword to the game. The Exordium is the latest – and through the trailer previews we can tell that it’s flashy as heck. And Guild Wars 2 is all about fashion wars, where players fight to look the best in PvE and PvP. Anyway, the Exordium apparently does more than just poke things. As with all Legendaries, they can have their stats changed freely outside of combat which is a great benefit for players who run multiple builds. In addition, the skin is unlocked account-wide and can be used on any other great sword. Now rumors are, that this great sword is capable of changing the looks of animations for each of the classes that can wield great swords. If that’s true, this could be worth hunting over other Legendary great swords like Twilight. Don’t expect it to be easy to get however, as Legendaries can take a lot of time and gold grinding in order to craft one.

Mist Shard Armor Set

Also spotted in the teaser trailer is a new armor set coming to Guild Wars 2. The Mist Shard armor appears to be another unique armor set collectible that should be of Exotic quality at launch. If previous Living World Episodes are to go by, the expect to getting Light, Medium and Heavy armor variants of this armor set. It does look pretty cool in the trailer, but is it as cool as the Requiem armor set collection from Episode 4 earlier this season? Either way, this could be a similar scavenger hunt style collection where players need both achievements and hunting items on the new map in order to obtain.

New Map

And speaking of a new map, yes there is a new map for this episode. Unfortunately, it has no name as of yet probably due to spoiler reasons which is understandable. Therefore, there’s not much we can say about the map, except that we hope it’s a fitting arena for an epic finale for Season 4. Either way, the season finale for Guild Wars 2 is coming and there’s nothing we can do but enjoy it while it lasts. What will the future of Tyria be? Will we see a new expansion for Guild Wars 2 next? Will we head straight into Season 5? All these questions could be coming in the near future, and we hope Tyria sticks around for a long time to come.


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